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Two Bedrooms w/shared Bath [ Sherlock ]
The Doctors Withnail and I
Title: Two Bedrooms w/shared Bath
Word Count: 764
Spoilers: None
Characters: Sherlock, John
Summary: Two men, one bath.

The first time was completely an accident.

Traffic had been bad, there was a massive queue at the chip shop, and by the time he reached the counter and gave them his name, the girl at the till realised she’d given his order to someone else.

(“Well, he said his name was John, so how was I supposed to know it weren’t his?” had been the girl’s reply. She took his order (again), shouted to someone in the kitchen that it was a rush, and told John to wait for it. It completely defeated the purpose of his having phoned ahead and edged him toward a bad mood.)

“You will not believe what I had to go through to get th--.” John realised he was talking to an empty room. “Sherlock?” he called once, and then again, louder.

“In the bath,” Sherlock called back. John dropped the bag on the sofa and headed for the bath, assuming that Sherlock was conducting some sort of experiment in there.

“You will not believe what I had to go through to get dinner,” John said as he came through the door. He was almost done telling the story (having gotten to the part about being told to wait) when he realised that Sherlock was literally in the bath.

“Sorry, you know, you could have said you were in the bath.”

Sherlock opened one eye and frowned slightly. “I did.”

“I didn’t know you meant you were actually in the bath. I thought you were in here... I don’t know... timing how long it takes something to go down the toilet or the effects of stomach acid on porcelain.”

Sherlock had closed his eye again. He stretched his legs and rested them on the edge of the tub to allow himself to sink lower into the water. “Why would I want to do that again?”

John ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “Right. Probably something you did when you were ten or something.”

“Eight,” said Sherlock.

“Look, I brought dinner, it’ll be cold soon, so I’m going to go eat and you can just warm yours up when you’re done in here.”

“Sounds fine,” Sherlock agreed as John left, shutting the bathroom door behind him.

The second time, John was sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles when Sherlock walked in, grabbed the newspaper from John’s hands, and leaned against the wall.

“I was reading that!” John protested. “And since when do you read the classifieds?”

“Someone is using the ‘missed connections’ section to plot a robbery. I just need to figure out where they’re meeting before the attempt so I can tell Lestrade... a-hah! Thank you!” Sherlock tossed the paper back to John and left.

The third time, Sherlock was in the bath again and John had been standing there, staring at the door for fifteen minutes.

“I’m going to burst. I’m coming in!” He opened the door, slightly surprised that it wasn’t locked, and went straight for the toilet without even glancing at Sherlock. John positioned himself so that his back was toward Sherlock and tried not to sigh too loudly while he peed. He’d been holding it too long and God did it feel good to let it out.

“Why would I bother locking it?” Sherlock said. “You’re a military man. You’ve shared facilities with dozens of people, and I’m clearly not at all bothered by it. We’re often on the same schedule and this is the bathroom, so it’s just more efficient if we share it.”

“I assumed that once I was out of the military I wouldn’t have to share a bathroom with someone. Not in the at-the-same-time sense, anyhow.”

“Does it bother you?”

John thought about it for a minute while he did up his fly and washed his hands. “Not really. It is a lot more practical.”

“Glad that’s settled. Cup of coffee, John?”

John accepted the task with a quick smirk and barely an eyeroll; he was used to it.

It wasn’t long before their morning routine involved sharing the bathroom. John would sit on the (closed) toilet seat, laptop balanced on his knees, skimming through various news websites. Sherlock would relax in the bath with the newspaper. Sometimes Sherlock would suggest items. John would look them up. More often than not, Sherlock would declare them “boring” and they’d move on.

After the third time Lestrade found them there he stopped even raising his eyebrows. It wasn’t his business what they got up to in their own home.

Mrs Hudson continued to find it “adorable.”

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I - just like Mrs Hudson - find this absolutely adorable!

Love this! I can see it happening. <33

LOL that's so cute! I love it:D I love that they so in each other space that it doesn't bother them to be naked and using the bathroom around each other. I love Mrs Hudson's comment at the end is laugh. And Lestrade! I can just picture the look on his face:D

(Deleted comment)
loved the fic and loved this little snippet too!

Hee, this is cute and funny :) I especially love the idea of them collaborating - via newspaper and laptop - to investigate stuff.

That was delightful! I loved the Missed Connections bit!

lol I love Mrs. Hudson :D

... there's a rubber ducky in there with Sherlock isn't there? And it stares at John from the shelf when it isn't.

oh my gosh~ i webcam with my friends on oovoo when i take a bubble bath adn soemtimes they are in the bathroom too...

wait thats a bit weird <____< DONT JUDGE ME!!!!

That is indeed adorable. :D

Quite right, that Mrs. Hudson <3 The joys of shared-living! I adore this lots and lots, I can really see it happening~~ So cute!

This is now canon in my head! It's adorable and it also makes a lot of sense. Neither of them would be bothered by the lack of propriety since a) John as a doctor would have seen everything there is to see; b) John, as mentioned in the story, is also a military man; and c) Sherlock is Sherlock.

Absolutely loved it!

Sherlock in the bath *squeels*

AHAHA YES! I love 'literally sharing a bathroom' fics- totes not enough of it IMO. If you wanted to write a sequel where they share a shower/bath (in a non-sexual way) I would love you forever because that is my ultimate kink and no one ever writes it! (I suppose because it would normally be a bit weird to share a shower or bath with someone you weren't intimate with!)

I imagine there's lots of scope for hurt/comfort fics that feature that type of thing. After all, Watson is a doctor! *g*

I am going to agree with Mrs Hudson. Adorable fic!

I love this so much! :D

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(Deleted comment)
Hee! So that makes you and *my* mother, plus two friends but only because I made them read them...

(Deleted comment)
This is true! *thumbs up*


Love this ending:

"After the third time Lestrade found them there he stopped even raising his eyebrows. It wasn’t his business what they got up to in their own home.

Mrs Hudson continued to find it “adorable.”"

completely adorable, these two.

hee! This was adorable, and entirely believable. You paint a lovely, calm, domestic moment at the end :D

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